The Story

On May 3rd 2009 it will be exactly 2 years since our daughter Annick Van Uytsel was found in the Albert Canal in Lummen.

AnnickSix days prior she had not returned home after a school party. 

Many residents of Diest and the surrounding areas had lent their support in looking for her.  Support which remained in the following days and months: in the silent, melancholic procession; the farewell ceremony; the first anniversary… many have not forgotten her memory. 


Two years later, we still remember her dreams.  One of those dreams was to work with and for children in a Third World country.


In 2008, Eddy Van Uytsel went to Kenya as part of a project focusing on development cooperation.  There he became involved with a school of 430 students that were in desperate need of drinkable water.  Eddy dreamed of providing a drinking well to give clean water to the village and its children.  This was the birth of the project “Annick for Kenya”.
Together, the residents of Diest, friends and family, schools and youth organizations, with all their different beliefs and backgrounds, hope to be able to continue the same support and solidarity to make Annick’s dream a reality.

The first organized activity will be a remembrance procession taking the same route as 2 years ago from Schaffen to Diest.  Each person will pay a sponsorship fee to enroll.  Upon their arrival at the town square in Diest a benefit concert will be held with artists from in and around Diest.  Much more work will need to be done but we hope for a spectacular start with many participants.

For Annick water proved fatal, but water is also the beginning of all new life.  We, together with many friends, supporters and people who really listen to their hearts, want to again make water a symbol of hope.  Each euro donated to our cause is as a teardrop shed in despair.  Each tear we cried for Annick and each drop of clean water we can provide to those in need are born of the same heart.

Two years ago we said “Only beauty will save the world”.
Now we say “Solidarity gives hope to many people”.

Sunday, May 3rd 2009 is a day of solidarity for the children of Kenya and for Annick.